The Taxotere attorneys at NGK Law have been investigating and handling cases such as Taxotere lawsuits for numerous years. In fact, the Taxotere attorneys at NGK Law have handled numerous serious injury cases such as Pradaxa bleeding events, Testosterone Heart attack cases, and Lexapro birth defect cases. In the same regard, the Taxotere attorneys at NGK Law are pursuing Taxotere baldness lawsuits on behalf of women that have suffered permanent baldness from using Taxotere. Due to NGK Law’s past experience in various pharmaceutical litigations, NGK Law is well positioned to evaluate your potential Taxotere lawsuit and determine if you or a loved one have grounds for a Taxotere lawsuit.

The Taxotere lawsuit attorneys at NGK Law have been involved in various pharmaceutical and medical device litigations for many years. In fact, NGK Law partner Mark Niemeyer was the lead counsel in the Yaz birth control blood clot litigation, which to date, has resolved thousands of cases for billions of dollars for women injured by blood clots while taking the birth control Yaz. Additionally, NGK Law was liaison counsel for the Pradaxa MDL, which involved the blood thinner Pradaxa causing internal bleeding. The Pradaxa MDL resolved for a $650 million settlement, through the work of NGK Law’s Taxotere lawsuit attorneys. NGK Law’s Taxotere attorneys have also been involved in other pharmaceutical and medical device lawsuits, including DePuy metal on metal hips, Transvaginal Mesh lawsuits, and Lexapro and Zoloft birth defect lawsuits.

Through the use of this past experience in pharmaceutical and medical device litigation,the Taxotere attorneys at NGK Law will be able to actively pursue the Taxotere lawsuits for women injured by Taxotere. The Taxotere attorneys at NGK Law take these cases very seriously. Through no fault of their own, women have been potentially injured by Taxotere defects, and therefore have grounds to pursue or investigate a Taxotere lawsuit.

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Niemeyer, Grebel & Kruse, LLC is a based mass tort and personal injury law firm handling pharmaceutical and medical device injury and death cases around the United States. Its track record of assisting those injured by dangerous drugs and medical devices shows its unending commitment to its clients and to holding pharmaceutical drug manufacturers and medical device manufacturers accountable for their dangerous products. Given its experience and accomplishment in being recognized by federal courts to lead litigation on behalf of thousands of individuals, NGK Law is considered a nationwide leader in pharmaceutical and drug litigation. The NGK Law Taxotere attorneys provide information to the public at www.docetaxeltaxoterelawsuit.com